Narrative Witness:
Indigenous peoples, australia-united states

Narrative Witness: Indigenous Peoples, Australia-United States is the IWP's second exchange between writers and photographers. The exchange brought together two communities of indigenous artists in North America and Australia. Narrative Witness 2 began in August 2015 with a live video seminar, gathering 30 emerging writers and photographers for a discussion of visual and textual storytelling, led by authors Ali Cobby Eckermann and Jennifer Elise Foerster, and photographer William Wilson. Under the theme of Narrative Witness, the group created works of photography, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction documenting the experiences - both real and imagined - of their worlds.

Throughout the Fall of 2015, the participants met online for weekly writing and photography workshops. The result of these workshops were new and responsive work, and a newly-formed international community.


Byron F. Aspaas, United States; James D. Autio, United States; Timmah Ball, Australia; Esther Belin, United States; Joseph Bruchac, United States; Brenda L. Croft, Australia; Laura Da', United States; Viki Eagle, United States; Max Early, United States; Samantha Faulkner, Australia; Fidel Frank, United States; Jenny Fraser, Australia; Santee Frazier, United States; Samia Goudie, Australia; Joy Harjo, United States; Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, United States; Roberta Hill, United States; Angelina Hurley, Australia; Dakota Mace, United States; Melissa Michal, United States; Sharon Mununggurr, Australia; Sylvia Nakachi, Australia; Shauna Osborn, United States; Wayne Quilliam, Australia; Rona Scherer, Australia; Kali Spitzer, Canada; Lehua Taitano, United States; James Taylor, Australia; Alexis West; Venaya Yazzie, United States.

The indigenous peoples collection

The IWP is proud to showcase the collected work from the writers and photographers in North America and Australia. Their work can be found in our Narrative Witness 2 Collection.