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Narratives of Belonging


Narratives of Belonging

Photo: Kelly Bedeian

table of CONTENTS

Foreword and Acknowledgements  |  Christopher Merrill, United States

Karim Alrawi, Canada/ Egypt   |  The Writer in an Age of Anxiety

Said El Haji, Netherlands/Morocco | The School of Blended Love

Alisa Ganieva, Russia | To What Do I Belong?

Harris Khalique, Pakistan | To What Do I Belong?

Birgül Oğuz, Turkey | Shuttling Back and Forth: A Suggestion

Ukamaka Olisakwe, Nigeria | Being Female in Nigeria: Where Do I Belong?

Kiki Petrosino, United States | In the Rooms of Monticello

Patrícia Portela, Portugal | Belonging: To a Future

Mabrouck Rachedi, France/Algeria | Defining Moments That Led to an Undefined Person

Eleni Sikelianos, United States | Refuse/Refuge: Be Longing



Nataša Durovicová | Editor, International Writing Program

John Vater | Editorial Assistant, International Writing Program