galit dahan carlibach


The Paul and peter performing arts agency inc. announces:


The young fisherman Jesus, son of Joseph, is destined for success beyond the boundaries of Judea.

Only recently pronounced on Mount Tabor, the Beatitudes are already rippling through the inheritances of Asher and Naftali, where the destitute and downtrodden have warmly recommended the text, unable to tear their hands from the pages. Echoes from abroad have reverberated to the Levant; Marcus Tullius Cicero is considering including it in his treatise on oratory. The Sermon on the Mount, we are pleased to note, was also mentioned in a footnote in Cornelius Napos' Chronica (Papyrus num. 33). In all corners of the earth the speech is thirstily awaited. Italian syphilitics, Cretan lepers, Grecian cripples all send countless requests for healing. In Mauritania, a house of healing has been christened with His name.

See attached: a steaming interview with Jesus son of Joseph – "Why I did not consent to heal the Canaanite woman's daughter."

The poor and downtrodden blurbing The Sermon on the Mount: "A brilliant and groundbreaking text," Cyril of Alexandria. "His Beatitudes are nothing less than maximus bonus." Cicero.  "A swift healing experience!" Herod the Great. "In a word: perfect; in four, salt of the earth," Manager,  Dead Sea Works.  "History will yet remember him," Lucius Annaeus Seneca. "We see eye to eye with his thoughts about an eye for an eye," The John the Apostle Ophthalmologists’ Union

"The State of Judea is already showing a two-slot jump on the contentment index," Joy son of Bliss, head of the World Happiness Report

"Hogwash and charlatanism," CEO of Eli Lilly and Company, developers of Prozac

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Translated from the Hebrew by Mitch Ginsburg