fidel Estevanio frank

Photo Essay


Glimpse at Diné:

Portraits of a People and Place  


Originally, I was only focused on my tribe and had intentions of publishing a collection of pictures that show Diné (Navajo People) as human. As I started taking photographs of students at my school, it occurred to me that I want to showcase different types of Indigenous Peoples in a positive light. I want my pictures to show positive emotions. That, yes, there are injustices and so many negative stereotypes involving Native Peoples and that we are not really seen as human. I want people to see the strength found within and to inspire young Natives—actually, just people in general—to educate themselves and learn of true beauty in people. Specifically, with Natives, I choose not to sexualize Native Women, and I choose not to display the stereotyped Native Man with long hair. These pictures are a preview of what I hope to do in the future, which is to publish books of photography. When I started taking pictures, these were just images for myself to focus on the positives, while still keeping the negatives in the back of my mind. I use emotions in my works and hope that I convey those human emotions effectively. I have selected images that, I hope, show non-stereotyped Natives living in a modern world, and the land in its natural state along with traditions, like even the Shiprock Fair which has been running for 104 years now.  There is a lot of bad in the world. Here is the little good that I see: Diné.



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