james d. autio



Our Familiar Faces


Tap his eye with my fire axe. I did this to.
Sucked that was inverted to measure this
transparent prickle. Made strut a lonely girl
come and when we met when it rained in we
met in rain. When alone we met who greet
to emulate turns. Linger along an elaborate
packaging has mulled the peaches of their
forgotten turns. That when to contemplate
a tangled bonnet, attracted my window that
bosom stood offstage for my slinky effort.
At maybe better brought from a theremin
outage my tongue sprang and so I believe
there did become a newer color. Within that
ruin cleansed the body fuzz up in its fallen
form and begin to murk among a relativity.
We left via this cobbled through to drafted
intaglio imagery where saw sparrow into an
alien community the glass figure possessed
by a twisters edge. The heavens are winding
down at this judgment recycling. At this my
peculiar wasteland is poised to be righted to.


Still the Voice


Not though as we go in slow movements
and cosmos there is a more strict undertaking.
It is elusive and we suspect at account into myself
and many times of a solid soul cover to recast

with might vision cleaving there may be hither
and given toward continual ascent. Our savior
latent by intelligent growth, aspire the hectic brood.
Of a flash of modern grandeur and dry it seems,

even the tiniest silent subtle to jet blood to a gleam
gain. Whatever sights by token as we beheld
a benign adoration where nothing felt to bundle
such and with a mournful gaze. Which the picket

dark presume. Ascended underlay such precedent
as wilt farewell to the departed seeker. At last,
a mount sermon is clear. We leap so swift
the return passage exaltation, and yet sprang

what came to us as a superb message of great gall.
We’re turn single. We’re copious lull. In advance
foundational to ardent whimper on the same this
strained inertia capable of drawn teeming.

The rich timbre. In the past a tremulous hat, so
liquid the rapture again distilled to a deep absorb
stain. We watch the darken. We’re in deafen tenor,
the memory of the glorious year. We flit and are

borne as pure ghost vapor play and bone bangs
on the nature of suffuse a soften cherry decorum.


Sky People


Whom confined had burst out
and was but to crawl away
of the part lifted and still
chasing the storm high overhead
with such furious faces glare
on the thicken plate and to
the edge of a plenty pretty
bonnet of the sound brought
all living of the sound sphere
atop such a wondrous pike
and fine approach than all bridle
a fetching thigh of pass over
head then all the other living
and amass around an atmosphere
chasm to bring about a return of
such sky people as had plain hat
the fickle warrant for variants
had the plummet flight taken
pleasance the flown palace
as stretch the brittle blue sky
and ascend as a colonnade touch
and brighten to the stratospheric
listening hushes. Breathe.


Drowning While Another Looks On


   By what sheer crepes under moonlight buckled
to our swift frenzy as had it crested. Each pulse
   soar through these linger lips surely persuasive.
More beautific balls that being uneven surround
   us and the hooves aura. Where had we taken to
unless they held each to a warm hand pushing
   vague isolations. It all returns to being, skirts
rise on the breeze echoes. What just shifted over
   went longer to the pressures generated by enough
friction. In momentum is each a soothing splash.


Hedge the Oceans


Joint holes crackle. Some hollow part are held.
Here is the lasting tenant mom unlit. She cured
the vandals. Were bored the illicit brides. Pawn
daughter brined and blusher bought. Pull of this
brutal cardigan. Here’s a blight in amongst these
frantic brambles. Add toxin whether dissolved
to a porter side then foam than in layers of slip.
Form light and flask. Duffed the freckled face.
Should brisk to smoke out her lip rim. Bottom
of the brass and a walking stick. Just and only
those intimations that the drunken squall salver.
Cast down no lot busked for a cobble fit. Which
were meant jig barred. Clenched were creak on
habitual joists. This slope driven. Filaments are
quivering. There are layers of all in this. Oceans
festooned. Went to droop over each a sleeping
descent. There are still rockets. Still lotus leaves
in the cheese and apple spring tray. In the bread
of joy yet proofed. She held her smoke blooming.
Planked by the motion and the nurse hinge only
one back snap. Mid point past a bog and bench.


Folded Cloth is Under


On a hem line. Hem
                        that the storage pull. Sworn
in the moon hem that fell.

Before the gentle path. That
                        to each a breathe bartered.
Though hemmed to show

a curt mirror. Hemmed beneath.
                        Fathom then the meadow.
Touching to made iron moan.

Under exotic shroud.
                        The slow hem a bonny plow.
Crust a bounce a singing caul

and its slick shine. Hem left.
                        Hem of this caul hedge.
Proceed of being on a wing.

She bared the crooked hem.
                        That her dress cupped out.
Buttermilk in her fur shape

and becoming joyful.
                       Tackle that hem into this
morning mist. Been forgot to.

Forgot that she seen
                        again between hemmed
cause and her cloak askew.


In Union with Time Fold


I would have thought the brave sun.
Passion sighs out of a dream clot. They
sing of a flow of time will resume put
of dawn and the wolf of the womb
as though having brought haste until
its silents converge. What fell between
rock harden and soft cycles of bent
folds over emblem. Has purged of this
imminent solitude. I suck like juices
from the fruit. Nourished to beautiful
to day that brief nerves descend. That
denied rain to me skein sacredly and
the pearls been scattered along a silken
mesh. Let put to my mouth my tongues
defiant. There might oblige of each a
passable consciousness. Describe this
common world daydream even as mere
instinctual quality. Silent grace. Must
one forgotten monarch with butterfly
hair like a shaven blush slipping so easy
so natural through a fresh buttonhole.
There too into a peaceful simplicity it
moves in smoke of my body becoming.


Beacon the Nested Doll


In magnetic fields the soft echo answers
and I have heard that irresistible croon.
The bride body remains untouched. That
extended along milky slips with fingers
to disturb the gentle edge. Began a slump
of my useless pawing and wept but for
what of my purest sibilance jutted out to
silence spaces, to fire amazed cup herding
that danced by my despair. There remains
in those magnetic field stations a bottom
blossom turning. Those spirits pull me into
tiny cups. Each of me sloughs aside at this
extension slide hung subject to trembling
images of me birthed again unto a softer
elocution. I remember the brighter world
brought out before the smaller frail. There
a thinner doll at all those inner layers. There
perch shadows of each shed skin, even mirth.


When First Reawaken


This pure dream. This narrow sea. This
rising tide pleased but for the lifted hull.
Forgiven this stubborn grief, this wasted
space. How fair the flaunt musing. This
is a sailor draught. Meant under morning
door. No bower wrenched a gateway ball
that laid out plush pour before the prow.
Scuttled by the bastion looming. This is
bubbled underneath tender beacon forms
within the pleasured mind. Endured this
slipping caul, what that sat unto. This is
an awful sense creeping. We that divined
gentle become a pure dream but in song.


At this Transport Plain


Magical breath. The rock is magnetic
            and without waste. Before long the other
hidden face surfaces, its nerves being.
            In a flash the followers cave. Believe in
this. Act about ideal aims. Yet does true
            revolution of the human body has as ever
changed. To make manifest a molecular
            drama unfold. Does not want of the push.
Which salve is fostered even of inflected
            definitive, outside influence bent physics
is came apart. A tension bind is forced
            from which changes pull out from organic
schisms this transport plain. Had got angles
            much beside this with even odd inquisitive
rabble who chant of arisen cosmic stations.
            It is here that is to be recognized of all then
that is made visible and changes before us.